Myth 1: Bleach can be used to clean anything

Although you might be tempted to clean everything with bleach, it is probably not the best idea to use bleach as your go-to cleaner. We use bleach so much in our homes because we have all heard about how wonderful bleach is as a disinfectant. But bleach isn’t there to clean everything in your home. The best thing that you can use before you take up the bleach is to use 100% white vinegar. Vinegar is much gentler on your hands and it is not going to damage anything that you clean it with.

There are many cleaning products available today that will help you clean everything the right way, it is sometimes best to use the cleaning products designed for certain cleaning. Johannesburg cleaning services like Lemon Tree Cleaning use a combination of cleaning products to make sure that your business is cleaned properly and safely, with no damage being done to your furniture.

Myth 2: You have to use the various different products to clean your home

While keeping in mind that there are different cleaning products for different purposes, you don’t have to go out and buy every cleaning product on the market. There might only be 3 cleaning products that you actually need, especially as many cleaning products are designed to cover a number of different needs. You can save your money by purchasing those three products that will be able to fulfill a number of different cleaning purposes. Many cleaning services in Johannesburg will use only 3 products to do their cleaning.

Myth 3: Spray and wipe immediately

You shouldn’t let a cleaner dry on the surface before you wipe it down but you also shouldn’t wipe it off immediately after spraying it on. Most surface cleaners that you get in a spray form will need to settle a bit on the surface before they are wiped off. These cleaners are designed to sit on the surface and “eat” away at the grime and grease if you just spray and wipe you are actually missing the point of the cleaning product. Johannesburg cleaning services are going to let the cleaning product settle in before they put some strength into the cleaning.

Myth 4: Paper towels can be used for cleaning

Many people will spray a cleaning product onto a paper towel and then clean with it, and this is definitely not the right thing to be doing. You will never find Johannesburg cleaning services like Lemon Tree using paper towels alone for cleaning. Why shouldn’t you use them for cleaning? It is not a matter of them doing any kind of damage to your surfaces but rather they will do damage to your bank balance. It is very expensive to clean using paper towels. So use paper towels for emergency cleanups but don’t use them for everyday cleaning.

Myth 5: You can smell when something is clean

Unfortunately, that lovely new clean smell that we get when something has been given a really good clean is little more than the smell of the cleaning product that you use. The smell of the product does not guarantee that the surface is actually clean. Cleaning services in Johannesburg like Lemon Tree Cleaning will leave your business smelling as fresh as it is clean. Dispelling the myths that revolve around cleaning services will help you when you are selecting or evaluating the company that will provide you with cleaning services in Johannesburg, as much as it will help you to clean your own home or business in the proper way.