What happens with Pre-Occupational cleaning?

LEMONTREE CLEANING SERVICES·FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2019 There are constantly new complex's being built. People are excited to move into there newly built homes, but what you get the day you move in is not what the construction team left when they were done building that...

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Tips from Lemon Tree Cleaning Services

Purge your papers In a society where documents can be stored on a computer, we are all a little bit guilty of printing too many papers that we simply do not need to have. And what happens to these papers, well most of them are not of significance and they end up...

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Here are the top 5 cleaning misconceptions.

Myth 1: Bleach can be used to clean anything Although you might be tempted to clean everything with bleach, it is probably not the best idea to use bleach as your go-to cleaner. We use bleach so much in our homes because we have all heard about how wonderful bleach is...

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