Purge your papers

In a society where documents can be stored on a computer, we are all a little bit guilty of printing too many papers that we simply do not need to have. And what happens to these papers, well most of them are not of significance and they end up cluttering our workspace, never to be given the dustbin treatment.

So instead of becoming the office paper hoarder, go through your paperwork twice a year and see what can be thrown away and what can be kept. When you start organizing you are going to see that the papers you held on to so tightly are actually not at all important. Throw them away and see how much lighter your workplace is going to feel. Cleaning services in Pretoria cannot throw the papers away for you, your paperwork clean out is up to you.

Keep a disinfectant near your phone

Your phone is probably a lot dirtier than you think and although Pretoria cleaning services, like Lemon Tree Cleaning, are going to disinfect your phone during their clean, it is best to also do it yourself once a week.

Clean your computer and organize your cords

The computer is a big collector of dust and fluff. And when your computer gets dirty it will slow down. Clean your screen and your keyboard, they are the two biggest culprits when it comes to a dirty computer. And while you are organizing in this area you should take the time to organize your computer cables.

They can get in the way and look very untidy, not to mention they are dust collectors themselves. Lemon Tree’s cleaning services in Pretoria will get your office space, retail shop, factory or mall sparkling clean. No matter whether it is a seasonal spring clean or a weekly clean-up operation, we have the skills that you need.