There are constantly new complex’s being built. People are excited to move into there newly built homes, but what you get the day you move in is not what the construction team left when they were done building that beautiful apartment. This is an example of what an apartment floor looks like when the tiling is done, cleaned and being cleaned.

Before, after and during floor cleaning Pre-Occupation
The person you see there is one of the professional cleaners from Lemon Tree Cleaning Service brought in to make sure this new build apartment is in tip-top shape.
After workers have laid that last tile, hammered that last nail and before it gets handed over to the property agents a professional cleaning crew provides cleaning services. This can be cleaning services for commercial, pre-occupation, warehouse or corporate offices. Some cleaning services offer cleaning services during a project.
If you have a cleaning crew to help during a project this will include cleaning between subcontractors such as painters and carpenters or whichever subcontractor comes next. This will also include exposing of any debris or trash. Often the supervisor will have a walk true with the constructor to make sure what is expected and if there are any special cleaning instructions. The supervisor will often follow up with the constructor to make sure all expectations are being met.

Outside of newly built units.
After all the building work is done and before the newly built apartments can have occupants move in, they need to be spotless. Cleaning up will include but are not limited to things like washing of tiles, counters, windows, fans, doors, and sweeping & mopping of floors, outdoor sidewalks, pool areas, patios, etc. The cleaning service crew is always sure to use the right products for the right cleaning job.
All staff is trained to the companies cleaning standards and are supervised by a manager to make sure company protocols and procedures are being followed at all times. All staff is full-time workers here at Lemon Tree Cleaning Service and we make it our priority to deliver quality service.
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